A Star Wars Story is a Hit

[ad_1] Ron Howard has confirmed something you probably could’ve guessed for yourself: if Solo: A Star Wars Story breaks the bank at the box office, get ready for some Solo sequels. Star Alden Ehrenreich previously confirmed he signed for multiple Star Wars films when he took the lead in Solo. In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except […]

No TJ Miller In Deadpool 3; Tambor In For Arrested Development Season 5

[ad_1] Here’s an update on future projects involving controversial figures. While he’s still appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 2, T.J. Miller will not be in future Deadpool films. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Tambor will still be involved in Arrested Development season 5. T.J. Miller Won’t Be In Future Deadpool Movies In December of 2017, The Daily Beast published a story in which an anonymous woman accused […]