New peanut allergy blood test developed

[ad_1] Image copyright Science Photo Library Scientists have developed a blood test for peanut allergies that they say is less risky and more cost-efficient than other tests. The skin-prick test used currently can result in people being diagnosed with an allergy when they do not have one. And the new test could be used after […]

Scientists build ‘synthetic embryos’ – BBC News

[ad_1] Image copyright Nicolas Rivron Image caption Two of the embryo-like structures grown by the scientists in the lab Dutch scientists have built “synthetic” embryos in their laboratory using mouse cells other than sperm and eggs. The stem cell breakthrough, described in Nature journal, is not for cloning people or animals, but about understanding why […]

Breast screening: What went wrong?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced an independent review into why 450,000 women in England failed to receive invitations for a final routine breast cancer screening between the ages of 68 and 71. So what went wrong with the NHS’s screening programme? How does breast cancer screening work in England? […]

Doctors paying for sons to have cancer jab

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Doctors and health professionals are regularly paying hundreds of pounds for their teenage sons to receive a vaccination against cancer that girls already receive for free on the NHS, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told. Is boys’ health being put at risk? “Had the HPV vaccine been available when […]