Deadpool Was Almost A Father In Deadpool 2

[ad_1] The “Dadpool” concept certainly sounds amusing and could have produced a lot of jokes, but the way Ryan Reynolds puts it, it sounds like he, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick just couldn’t find a way to make the parent/child dynamic effectively work across an entire movie. Instead, when we see Wade Wilson and Vanessa […]

Pokemon GO Fest Is Coming Back

[ad_1] Niantic Labs may have had some trips and stumbles last year when attempting to bring the Pokemon GO community together through various public events and community contests, but it appears that this year the company has managed to find a niche and gain some momentum with Pokemon… [ad_2] Source link

Nintendo Switch Accused Of Patent Infringement

[ad_1] The Nintendo Switch seems like a novel idea at first glance, but the folks at Gamevice feel it’s a bit too derivative of their own hardware patents. As a result, they’re suing Nintendo, specifically in regards to the console’s removable Joy-Con controllers. The Switch is certainly a unique gaming device, bridging television and portable […]