A Futile And Stupid Gesture Review

[ad_1] Doug Kenney may not be a household name, but David Wain and company make a serious and legitimate argument for why he should be — and delivers an entertaining film along the way. Even from the outside, comedy has always appeared to be an exclusive club, and like any club, there is a hierarchy […]

Winchester Review – CINEMABLEND

[ad_1] They have produced a work that is utterly toothless and boring, full of nothing but cheap jump scares timed out around a trope-filled plot that audiences have seen hundreds of times in bad modern genre films. Peter and Michael Spierig, best known as the Spierig brothers, are talented filmmakers, just a couple years removed […]

Peter Rabbit Review – CINEMABLEND

[ad_1] Peter Rabbit is better as a straight comedy than an adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s beloved books. It’s full of laughs, but never captures its source’s warmth. Peter Rabbit has remained a fixture in children’s literature for over a century, but the character has made very few appearances in other media, relative to properties like […]

Black Panther Review – CINEMABLEND

[ad_1] Equal parts James Bond and The Lion King, with an awesome dash of Star Wars thrown in for good measure. Words can’t adequately encapsulate how vital Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther is at this stage of the comic book movie genre. It’s not just our first solo film focusing entirely on a largely-black cast full […]

Fifty Shades Freed Review – CINEMABLEND

[ad_1] Fifty Shades Freed ends the franchise not with a whimper, nor a bang, but a Pinterest board of bad ideas involving storytelling, relationship advice, and general conduct. It’s the franchise that picked up where Twilight left off. A series of wildly successful books, the Fifty Shades trilogy had made a name for itself as […]

The 15:17 To Paris Review

[ad_1] Sadly, The 15:17 to Paris is an all-time career low for Clint Eastwood. As of late, director Clint Eastwood has fallen into a pattern of celebrating “true American heroes.” The 15:17 To Paris is his latest tribute to such figures of moral stature, and this time he’s engaged in a rarely used, but time-tested […]

Early Man Review – CINEMABLEND

[ad_1] While the sophistication of this film doesn’t match any of Aardman’s previous films, there’s still fun to be had with Dug and his quest to save his tribe. When a new Aardman Animations film arrives in theaters, it’s an event in and of itself, as their traditional stop-motion animation techniques put some distance between […]

Isle Of Dogs Review – CINEMABLEND

[ad_1] With the help of an incredible number of talented artists and performers, it’s a movie that plays on the best of the writer/director’s sensibilities, while accessing entirely brand new areas of it. Stop-motion animation is a remarkable art form. There is a certain luddite aspect to it, as the powers of modern computers could […]