Deadpool Was Almost A Father In Deadpool 2


The “Dadpool” concept certainly sounds amusing and could have produced a lot of jokes, but the way Ryan Reynolds puts it, it sounds like he, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick just couldn’t find a way to make the parent/child dynamic effectively work across an entire movie. Instead, when we see Wade Wilson and Vanessa in Deadpool 2, they’ve tried having their own child, but have been unsuccessful. However, while he won’t have his own child to look after in Deadpool 2, Wade will be serving as a father figure for Julian Dennison’s Russell, who’s being hunted by Cable in the movie. To that end, Reynolds added to EW that as profane, raunchy and packed with violence as Deadpool 2 is (just like its predecessor), in its own weird way, it will also show the importance of family. As the actor stated:


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