SNL’s A Quiet Place Parody Has Donald Glover Freaking Out Over Kanye


Who knew A Quiet Place was so ripe for parody but this delivers in spades while also offering an insightful commentary on the Kanye situation and celebrity culture as a whole. First off, Donald Glover is, as always, the man, and he’s hilarious in this sketch, especially his facial expressions and reactions to each successive and escalating bit of Kanye absurdity. Like in A Quiet Place, this parody finds monsters hunting by sound, so as Kenan Thompson’s character says, they shouldn’t talk unless absolutely necessary. But Donald Glover’s character, eyes locked to his phone, relays the latest Kanye antic, with each of the other characters falling prey to the rapper’s bait, unable to hold back from reacting in a reckless and loud way. The reactions are great and just like in A Quiet Place, you know right before it happens that someone is about to crank the decibel level up to fatal.


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